Power of the Dollar Bill!


Calling on to all Cash Users!

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pay using cash and the total amount came out to be 21 dollars and you have a 20-dollar bill Jackson smiling upon you, but you just can’t find a darn George Washington! Where is my darn dollar?!

Me, being one of the biggest cash users because I am old school and I am too poor to afford fancy premium credit cards. Ok, the real reason is I can better manage my money. Yup! You came to the right place, my friend! You didn’t know you were going to get a frugal living tip, did you?!

But the Dollar Bill is always needed because to me it is the foundation of saving! One dollar bill can go a long way! I remember when I was a kid my parents were set on teaching me the power to save money! But, of course, like any kid would do. I work my butt off and got the freaken dollar and then the next thing is screw the money jar, I would buy my pack of Crazy Bones! If you know what “Crazy Bones” are and I am talking about the good old originals then you know the good ole days. I remember one time as a child Lego was my true passion. I mean I was a Lego maniac! I decided one day to collect all my dollars and my money jar grew! I remember it was so fun to see a bunch of George Washington looking at me sternly probably thinking why the heck is Benjamin the big bucks and me the First Freaken President of the United States get ended up as a darn dollar! When I got a bunch of these dollars, I finally was able to get my hands on the Original AT-AT Walker Lego model number 4483 in Target for 70 bucks! I was lit up!

The tip of the day is please save many dollars as possible because who knows it will surprise you how much one dollar can start a tradition of saving that will hopefully help you with your financial life in the future!



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