Power of “Ditto” Command in Terminal!

What is Ditto? No not the Pokemon! :)

The most awesome Terminal Command known to Apple Users!!!

Basically what Ditto do is like it copies your whole computer and settings and it moves it to another computer or External Drive! Basically, this is how you use it!

Step 1: Open Terminal on Your Mac! You can find Terminal by clicking the Command Key + Space bar in that exact sequence and you should see your Spotlight search bar pop up! Once that is there type in Terminal and press the enter/return key and you should see Terminal.

Step 2: Type in ditto and then press the Space key once into Terminal and then drag and drop the computer's folder meaning the Source folder of the computer you want to back up or clone. Drag that home folder into the terminal command!

Step 3: Open your Mac that you want this data to be cloned upon! If not your computer opens up your External Drive! On your Mac computer, if you want this data to be cloned you must open the Finder and then go to the Computer Folder or the Macintosh HD (Silver Drive icon) and then go to your home folder and make a new folder into your Home Folder. Name your home folder the exact same username as the data that is being copied over. For example, if an old Mac username is “medium” make a new folder in your current Mac Home folder and name it “medium” and then drag that folder into Terminal!

Wow! That just sounds Confusing here is a better step-by-step that can help what I am talking about! Click Here!


What is After Ditto?

Must Start Up Migration Assistant to move Apps and settings!

If you want to open Migration Assistant in your macOS and then run the Migration Assistant make sure to UNCHECK your UserName!!! matter of fact UNCHECK all your Users! Just have Application, System Settings, Other Files and Folder checked, and then run it and you should be good to go.

If you need any help with this just leave a comment below and I will make sure to see if I can make a tutorial video for you and I will upload it here on this article if needed. Thanks for your time and reading this and I hope this helps!



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