My Bumble App Song! Original Song!

One day… At work, we had that conversation again. About me finding a good girl. My co-workers and I talked about Bumble and how it is a good idea! So, I jokingly made a Bumble account only to close it right away. Cause I wasn’t ready yet. Later that evening this song was born in my mind! It just came to me and I felt it was both amusing and maybe other guys can relate to me not being able to find a girlfriend. It is so hard, so hard to find a wonderful woman these days. To find that wonderful woman, however, we must be the best man we can be. Then I think when we truly know how to love a woman, the time will come in finding that wonderful woman! Please feel free to listen to my original Bumble song below:

My Original Bumble Song!



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Yohan J.

I.T Tech Support and Hobbyist Musician! Love to share my ideas with you all! Oh and also working on my writing skills! 😊