Medium Support Project!

I went to all the people I am following with Below 1K+ followers and Commented or Clapped!

Yohan J.
13 min readMar 25, 2023
Made in Canva!

I thought of a project this weekend and came up with looking at all the people I am following! I started first commenting on the people with 1K+ followers and found out so much and learned so much. Sadly, I felt like something was missing!

I notice I wanted to go back and find all my 1K BELOW followers and start over! I went to each and every one of them and either clapped or commented. Why did I do this? Why spend literally 5+ hours doing this you may ask?

I thought it might be a wonderful project to support the people who haven’t reached 1K followers yet.

I want to help these writers on their journey in Medium so if you don’t mind here are all the people I think that have something interesting to offer!

I hope you are ready cause the list is going to be a bit insane! But, I hope you can find some of these writers to be awesome and help them and support them!

After all, I want to think of Medium writers as fellow Medium Family and fellow writers and not my competitors. There is no race here on who gets to 1K followers and to be frank 1K followers isn’t the goal either.

It is simply just wanting to help others and support them! That matters to me so I hope you can join and help other Medium families get some positive vibes to boost their writing spirit!

Let me introduce to you the writers!

(Want more amazing Writers? Check out my Following section on my Medium and find more amazing people!)



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