Medium Partner Program Process Completed!

Making Money on Medium???

Yohan J.
3 min readJan 10


I finally got the process done today! I am now officially into the Medium Partner Program and ready to make some passive-income cash!!! But, I want to share something very important! My Mother told me since my Medium name contains “Freeman” in “Y-Freeman” I to be free from making money on Medium.

Tips on the Medium Partner Program Application Process!

  1. Please remember to check your First and Last Name when setting up Stripe. Stripe is the monetization service used by Medium! Please make sure when you are setting up your Stripe account for the first time to check your First and Last Name because Stripe takes your Medium name as the Legal name and if you use a Nickname or Custom name it is going to cause headaches. Trust me I went through this headache and I am here to prevent that from happening to anyone! So, Check and Check all your info when creating your Stripe account for the first time. Now if you already have a Stripe account then just sign into your Stripe account and you're done.
  2. Tax Information! Make sure to double-check your info here as well because any wrong info might cause issues and prevent you from getting paid so please make sure to double-check your Tax info and if you are international please make sure to check and double-check your visa info (Green Card for example).
  3. Make sure to wait because it takes about three days if you don’t run into any issues so make sure to wait three days and if you run into any issues. Please contact Medium support! For me dealing with the Medium support team was painless and pleasant and they were able to fix my issues! I am truly thankful to them all!

I hope these tips help you prevent any headache I went through and good luck with your Medium adventure!

That is correct. I got excited and almost forgot why I started this journey on Medium. Don’t get me wrong. I am going to Monetize my work. But, I also never going to forget to write what I love and share it with the world for Free!

I am glad I have the option to monetize some things and still keep Medium articles free to read for other things. I am planning to monetize most reviews, technology, and some topics I think I should get some rewards for. But most of my songs, music I sing, and most of my Poems I plan to Not monetize.

You may be asking why not monetize your music it is the perfect way to get cash and paid since it is most likely going to get clicks and views and claps. Well, I believe my music is meant to be shared and not monetized. I don’t sing for money but for the joy of music and sharing. So, most of my songs will be free on Medium now there is one song I am going to place monetization and that is the Medium song cause I thought since it is for Medium why not have members only hear it? But, for most of the songs I am planning to keep it free. Hint-hint I have a YouTube Channel and all songs there are free so make sure to find my YouTube channel link in one of the songs and check my channel out. Please don’t feel like you have to subscribe cause my YouTube channel is strictly for sharing my music with the world. I also have to be honest. I am inspired by Medium writers that have free articles on their lists. It is hard to do that cause sadly money is what makes the world go round. But, I like to think once in a while it is good to be free from all of it. So, I am deeply inspired by free Medium writers! I learn so much from them and plan to follow some of their ways.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in 2023! Thanks for all your support!



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