LR Baggs M1 Passive Pickup for Acoustic Guitar Full Review!

LR Baggs Passive Pickup!


Playing my acoustic guitar brings me great joy! I have a very special guitar that holds priceless and can’t put it in words value. Sadly, that guitar was vintage and it never came with a pickup system. For, the longest time I was in search of a pickup system for my classical guitar but instead I found one for my special guitar!

Why LR Baggs M1 Passive Pickup for Acoustic Guitar?

LR Baggs needs no introduction! If you are in the world of music you definitely heard LR Baggs! They make the world's most renowned pickup system for instruments. Yeah, that 1000-dollar plus Fender Strat that probably has an LR Baggs. Your Martin and Taylor and I am talking about the builder edition the limited edition all of that probably holds an LR Baggs. The LR Baggs M1 Passive Pickup system is one of the most affordable I have found in their line-up. It is really great because you don’t need any battery to have this awesome pickup function. I love that the LR Baggs come in a nice creamy color and all the tools needed to make adjustments.

If you ever played an electric guitar you probably know what a humbucker is. Basically, it is a pickup system that uses coils the detect the vibration of the strings and convert it into sounds if I explain it in an easy way. The LR Baggs is kind of like a humbucker but is a little bit different. Instead of the traditional receivers, you see on the humbucker, on the M1 Passive pickup you see hex screws that stick out from the pickup system. You must dial in the perfect distance from the strings to get the most optimal sound production.

What you Must Keep In MIND!

Things I wish I knew before I started drilling a hole into my acoustic guitar. First, get a painter's tape and tape the end where your strap button is located, and also if you can reach it also the inside of the strap hole and tape it with painter's tape. After, you do that make sure to find the right drill bit to drill the hole for the sound jack. After you have done this vacuum the inside of the guitar to eliminate any wood dust.

Key NOTE! Do NOT over-tighten the Hex screws for the LR Braggs M1. If you do that you will destroy your pickup! Make sure to make MINOR adjustments!

There is an active version of this and basically, the biggest difference is you need to have a battery to power the pickup but there are some good things like you can change the EQ and stuff like that on the active version.

Final Thoughts!

I have been using this Pickup system for a while and I would like to share a video of my playing with the LR Baggs installed!

Ibanez YPF-10 with LR Baggs Sound Test!



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