Logitech Brio 4K Webcam Full Review!

Logitech Brio Front
Logitech Brio Back Side with Mount included!


I always wanted to try to be a YouTube Creator! Ha! What a joke this is coming from a guy who has literally NO Social media if I do have an account I never use it. I just use Social Media cause one of my family members is using it. But I did pretty darn good on YouTube when I was at my peak! This is how I began my search for a webcam that was good enough to compete with Professional Cameras!

Why Logitech Brio 4K Webcam?

First, let me make something clear. This is Not a Sony Alpha 7S III, Panasonic LUMIX GH5, or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV! O.k. now that we got that cleared let's get started. Yes, the Logitech Brio is one of the top of the line consumer webcam. Here are my thoughts.

The Logitech Brio (Brio) has pretty good features. I really love the privacy filter included with the Brio. I mean I dropping 100+ $$$ on this webcam so I expected it to have one. One can’t be too careful with Privacy.

The video quality is pretty decent. I mean the best I have ever used. I have used the 4K option and it did a pretty good job. I will attach a YouTube video below, I used the Brio and you can let me know what you think? The lighting is poor but I can still read the letters on the amp.

Lightning isn’t the best but I can still read the letters!

The internal mic that is built into the Brio was well bearable, to say the least. Yeah, forget about it! You're not going to get Shure SM7B quality but it will get you through the Zoom meeting and not have your voice sound like you are in a cave and far away.

One thing that annoy the living crap out of me was the dang light sensor. It is located right next to the lens of the webcam and it’s blaring white light that blinds me. I had to use the darn privacy filter including blocking that white light. Doing that, however, will render the Webcam lighting functions useless. But I rather deal with bad lightning than have my eyes squint and all funny looking. Can you imagine being on a Zoom or Microsoft Team or Google Meet meeting sometime all in one day and having to deal with that blinding light! Not cool Logitech! Not Cool! But thank goodness the privacy filter can save my eyes from going blind.

The Logitech comes with USB-C and that my friend is a huge plus! Why??? Because if you haven’t been living under a rock my friend the world has now created a new type of USB technology. USB-C will be replacing the good ole USB-A the ones you probably using right now all the time, yeah that is USB-A. Your Thumb drives and flash drives or I use say USB drives 90% USB-A. But you may have noticed the USB Micro ports have been slowly disappearing and now your phones use this slim-looking port. Yeah, that is the USB-C! So, with computers especially the Apple computers going FULL USB-C it is crucial to have a webcam that goes straight into a USB-C port. No adapters make me happy! For all of you who still have USB-A (that's me) don’t worry. Logitech is thoughtful enough to include a heavy-duty USB-A to USB-C cable! The cable looks really nice. Sadly it isn’t braided so don’t expect to use it outdoors!

Is it Worth it or Trash It?

So, is it Worth it? I have used it on a Mac and it does pretty well with what I needed. If you want to look the best on your Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, and Webex meetings and want to look perfect get the Brio! But, to be honest it is overkill! Not many people will need the Logitech Brio unless you want to do content creating and want to look really sharp and clean. There were some moments where I wanted to TRASH this thing because of the white light for the lighting control. But, it is bearable with the privacy filter. Just be careful not to touch the lens, cause whoops fingerprint magnet. But, Logitech includes the cleaning cloth and I have used it, and well it works let’s just put it at that.

This is Perfect for… people who want to have a podcast on a budget and can’t afford the 1000+ DSLR cams! If you asked me webcams are well overrated!!!

Final Thoughts!

My final thought is if you have a darn iPhone 12+ and or Samsung Galaxy S9+ just use the camera on that!!! Just me the back camera on these smartphones is really good! Just, hope and pray your content creation goes well, and when you have the money get the Sony Alpha 7S III, Panasonic LUMIX GH5, or a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and make sure to get the Shure SM7B and you will be the best-looking creator!



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