Life is Full of Surprises

Original Song that is converted into a Poem.

Life is full of Surprises.
You may never know the things of tomorrow.
As we live life we find ourselves growing.

You may find unexpected happening.
But always know that the One above is watching.

Tomorrow is full of unknowns.
But the Light will be shown.

Life is full of surprises.
One's life leads to another.
Lead by our Heavenly Father.
Life is full of surprises.

We may find ourselves in crisis.
Life is full of hope that arises.
From the ashes.
The sun rises.
To a life full of surprises.

To a life full of happiness.
Life is full of unexpectedness
But remember our Faith will be greatness
Lead by our Lord in righteousness

Lord Your guidance
Lord Your Love is the radiance
Your Love and our Faith in alliance
Our prayer in silence
That grows to be an abundance

Of Hope and Life.
Life is full of Light that shines from the Heavens.



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Yohan J.

I.T Tech Support and Hobbyist Musician! Love to share my ideas with you all! Oh and also working on my writing skills! 😊