Lego Art Three Levels of Insanity! Part 1 of 18! Kingdom Hearts | Pokemon | Street Fighter

My Three Levels of Lego Insanity!

I have been playing with Legos ever since I was a child. Basically, it was most of my childhood building and disassembling and then making new and crazy creations!

Now I usually go insane with digital Legos! Here are my most insane builds. This is a series so make sure to check in cause this is part 1 of my 18 series of crazy builds I did with digital Legos. If you are interested in what kind of programs I used just let me know in the comments and I will reveal the programs I used anyway in the last Part 18 of this series so make sure to see all of them cause it is going to be a Lego Adventure!

Let’s start with the easy ones! Here is my Lego wall art. Basically, I used pixel art to create these digital Lego walls! Also just to let you know every Lego art I show you in this series can be made in REAL LIFE! Just some projects will cost you thousands of dollars for parts only!

Part 1 of 18 Lego Insanity Journey! Three Lego Walls!

Make sure to check my Medium for more Insane Lego Builds!!!



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Yohan J.

I.T Tech Support and Hobbyist Musician! Love to share my ideas with you all! Oh and also working on my writing skills! 😊