Korg D1 Digital Piano Full Review!

Korg D1


For as long as I can remember I played the piano as a child and it is one of my fond memories. As I grew up I lost touch with the piano. Recently, I wanted to go back to my musical roots. But in this day and age having a full-size acoustic upright piano is hard to fit in. Of course, there is no way for me to even fit one into my room as well. So, I have begun my journey in finding the one digital piano that will bring me back to the good ole days!

Why Korg D1?

As you can see in the title. I have chosen the Korg D1! Why do you ask? Well, let me begin with the reasons. The Korg D1 is a full-size piano with 88 keys which means I get the full range I get in an upright piano. I also love that the key bed which is the keyboard section of the piano is made in Japan! Korg is a Japanese company and the key bed is made in-house by their craft crew and the quality is superb! The hammer action is wonderful and the piano is so compact it fits onto my standing desk!

Things that shocked me and things you Should Know!!! Some higher-end Digital Piano doesn’t come with speakers. Yes, there is a reason for this. Doesn’t matter how good the speaker is it is never going to be as good as dedicated studio monitors. I ended up going on a budget so I got the JBL 1 Series 104 studio monitors and they sound pretty nice with full volume. Also, I love that it comes with the sustain pedal. You would be surprised but some companies sell this separately.

Now all is not perfect. Here are some things I found that the Korg D1 lacked! Sadly for this hefty price tag, this wonderful digital piano doesn’t come with a USB port option. Not the end of the world, but for a recording guy like myself it would have been nice.

Sound Test!

Used the Ditto + Looper and the Yamaha THR5A Guitar Amp to record.

Thanks for reading!



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