How to Print Xerox Printers with Print Codes on Google Chrome!

As I work I find out that Xerox and Chrome are not meant for each other!

If your printer at work has something called a print code, department code, or counter code, and that code is being put into a Xerox printer. You might get a User code error when printing from Chrome!!!

This issue is only found on a Mac Computer! Usually, on your Windows computer, it should be fine!

On your Chrome on your macOS please go to your print settings once you are there you should see “more settings” click on “more settings” and then make sure to click on “Print using system dialog” once you do that you should be good to go and you can print using your macOS Chrome.

You can find better step-by-step by clicking Here or clicking here to always print using the system dialog!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below thanks!



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