Greatest Piano App Ever!

Have you ever wonder what is the best Piano learning app?

Well I have to be honest here but I have seen some out there and the tops for me were Synthesia which I used before and now this OnlinePianist which has become my new favorite!

If you have a digital piano like me and want to learn a show with falling notes style this is your app. I am going to leave the link below at the end of this article.


Why is this the greatest piano app ever?! Here is my take on it and this is strictly my opinion. I haven’t been paid or endorsed to say these things and to be fair I am going to be 100% honest with you so I am going to speak my mind on things I Did NOT like.


This app is easy to use and the best part is it is FREE! But there is a catch! You need to have the “Pro” version to download songs to your hearts content! The Free version however gives you ONE song each THREE days you use the app. So, for example you need to open the app three days in the ROLL to get that ONE song. It is free and you can download to keep forever but that isn’t the biggest Pro!

I really like how it has the rain drop style of notes. You probably saw YouTube videos of people playing the piano and you see light up elongated dots falling peacefully onto the digital keyboard below. That is what this app has the vertical and for you who like horizontal you can do that as well. The notes are clear and you also get fingering position so you play it properly.

I have been using it for a while and it has been awesome in learning songs I wanted to learn.


I really don’t like this so please let me rant on this for a while please. I don’t like that I can mute the song. Here is what I mean. I want to learn the piano piece not hear the piano piece being played while I am trying to learn it. I usually mute my iPad to remedy this problem but it is a pain in the neck to mute my iPad and use the app and then remember to un-mute my iPad to its normal settings.

Another is really~! Only ONE song per Three days! I mean come on here I can’t complain it is FREE but Two songs would have been nice!


Here is a tip that can help you out! Per Three Day when you get that one song you can get the song you want! To get the song you want to learn please do this. I have to warn you it is going to take literally all day but it is worth it once you get that song you are dying to learn. On your Third Day open the App and go to Settings “sadly they don’t let you know you have a free song anymore” another BIG CON why take away something so darn Useful! So, yeah please go to settings and then you should see the Claim Free Song (Green button) on the button right side once you see your free song list and you don’t see what you want just close the app and reopen and repeat the process go to settings and then tap the Claim Free Song button on the bottom right. You will see different songs as you go and maybe you will find that song! That is how I created my dream song book.

If you have questions on how to use this app please feel free to comment me anytime! I will try my very best to get back to you!

Here is the link to start your Piano journey!

Thanks for your time and I hope you liked this article!



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