Emoji Story Explained!

I wrote a story only using Emojis and now it is time to explain in text!

Yohan J.
2 min readMay 9


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Jacqueline Dacres gave me a great idea everyone! She wanted to know what my emoji story meant in context so here it is for you all! Thanks, Jacqueline Dacres for the great idea!

🛏️😪⏰😲: Oh, I woke up by the alarm and was surprised!

👋😊🌅🕊️🍵: Good Morning, I am seeing the sunrise and it is a peaceful morning as I drink my green tea.

🍳🥚🥓🥞🥣🥐🥯😋: I am going to cook some breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancake, hot soup, croissants, and bagels! Yum!

🎸🎙️🎶: It is time for my morning jam on my guitar and singing my songs!

🏃🏻🚙🏢🕗👨🏻‍💼: Oh, the time is late I running to get ready and ride my SUV to work and make it on time at 8 am!

🥢🍱🍜🍛😍: It is lunchtime! I take my bento, ramen noodles, and curry and have a feast! I am so in love with this lunch hearts are popping out of my eyes!!!

🕔🚙🏡🚴🏻‍♂️💨: What it is already 5 pm!!! I hop into my SUV and head back home to my sanctuary. I have time to ride my bicycle! I am going so fast on my bike you see a puff of clouds!

🛀🏻🧖🏻‍♂️😊: I worked up a sweat riding the bike lightspeed taking a shower and a bath and I am now genuinely happy!

🥢🍣🍥🍤🥟🍢🥗🍶: It is already time for dinner and I dish out the sushi, crab cake, tempura, dumplings, Asian kabob, salad, and all that to wash it down with sake baby!

🖥️🖱️⌨️✍🏻📋: Now that I am recharged after a wonderful dinner it is time to hop on to my fancy computer and type away my Medium article!

🛌🏻😴💤🌆👋: Oh, boy it is about that time! I am going to hit the sack! I am beaten and knocked out with exhaustion. I am going to sleep as the sun sets in the city. ZZZ bye-bye hand wave.



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