Conveniently Wasting Money!

Hello Wonderful People! Please hear me out! I am going to help you SAVE Money!

In the modern age, people are so used to spending money! The worst part of it all is this thing called “Credit Cards” Oh, yeah I am talking about that shiny temptation plastic card that seems to give you something called Debt! Oh, yeah mountains of DEBT!

Why, are we so used to accepting that borrowing money, borrowing money WE DON’T HAVE is OK??? Sorry for shouting, but it just blows my mind! I hear all the time from my friends this same line over and over again! Hey, I just paid off my Credit Card bill Whoot Whoot, but I have more to pay off in the coming month! First, of all why pay off a bill and then add more bills to pay off again?!

Ok, here is my personal finance, and trust me I don’t share this with anyone my friend, you are getting the inside scoop! I first have NO credit cards in my life and NEVER had them! Cause I hate and when I say I hate I mean I HATE credit cards! I also Hate, that we need to build something called the Credit Score forcing us to use Credit! I usually build my credit by using pay in 4 and I borrow money, I know I will have no matter what happens. I just pay it in 4 payments and have been doing this for a while. But it just leaves a bad taste in my financial mind and I almost stopped doing it. I mean, I feel more comfortable knowing I am able to pay my bills and things I need without having to borrow money!

First, start off by cutting your credit card in half! Just cancel it and burn the darn thing. Second, make a financial plan. You need a plan for your mortgage and student loans and other financial loans. Third, don’t you dare buy that 500 to 1000 dollar fireworks! Just save money on things you can, like spending money on expensive pleasures of life. I didn’t say living frugal was a simple task. But, in the end, it gives me great joy knowing my finances are small but at least I am not rich and spending millions of dollars I don’t have cause when you got the big bucks you start to think hey since I am a millionaire now I can spend a crap ton of money and pay them back later!

Please make a spending ledger this will help you track your spending and plug any leakage of money every month! You, don’t have to live paycheck by paycheck. You have a choice and that choice and decision you make change your life one day. I know this is hard and this frugal life isn’t for everyone. But, if you get a handle on the biggest expanses of your life like housing and food, and other essentials you can start living a more free life from financial debt and burden.

I was going to end this article here, but I feel like I am leaving you hanging! Let me do you a solid and give you an example of how to start your financial freedom!

First, Housing!

This is by far the biggest money-sucking leech of all! The housing bill always getting slightly larger each passing year and if you are renting bless your soul, my dear friend! I hear all the time that my friends spend nearly $800 to $1000+ on just rent! I am talking about backwater countryside and it is still this high. If you are talking about the major cities in the US, ha! You can see numbers way higher than what I stated! I learned that if you are going to rent try doing this. Ask your best friend and when I say best friend, I am talking about someone you trust! If you can combine your money and down pay on a good apartment with for say an extra room. You both can live in the apartment and rent out the extra space and charge a little more than the rent itself. This will relieve the burden on your housing bill. Also, you can live with your parents. If your parents have no mortgage then this is a no-brainer! Yeah, it is going to be hard if you are married and have kids, but this will give you time to build your finance and then move out the right way!

Second, Bills!

Reduce your bills monthly by having only the essentials. Essentials are of course water, gas, electricity, and the internet. Other than that all bills are optional and therefore can be cut down. Just have one streaming service for example and make do with that. Remember you are thinking about your financial freedom here!

Third, Need Over Wants!

Get your priority straight, please! You, must know what you NEED and NOT what you want. You NEED food, water, and of course clothes and such. Wants are of course PS4, Xbox S, Nintendo Switch, and endless streaming services to name a few. These serve no purpose in your financial world! They actually burn holes in your wallet because these are the reasons why you spend so much money month after month. Even resulting in debt to get it! Turn OFF your WANTS and TURN ON your NEEDS! If you live on a Need by Need basis you will soon get used to the frugal life before you know it!


I want to take the time now to thank you for making it this far! You have now gotten my point of view on how to save money! What I write here is by NO means the only way! There are so many people right now trying to live frugally and achieve financial freedom! Let's work together. Thoughts and prayers you will reach that financial freedom someday. I am there right with you in trying to cut down my costs and I know you and I will reach that goal of financial freedom one day!



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