Celebration of Life!!! Over with Funerals!

I am officially done with Funerals! Why should we be sad and depressed? Our loved one has lived a wonderful life and maybe for some the end wasn’t as beautiful or wonderful as we hoped but we can’t concentrate on the bad or the worst of it.

I remember talking with one of my colleagues and teammate. He told me that he was going to attend a Celebration of Life! I asked him what in the world is Celebration of Life. What he told me changed my perspective of a loved one passing forever!

Celebration of Life is basically celebrating the person’s life and how they left an impact on their lives and how wonderful and beautiful their life was. Now they have passed on but their life is to be celebrated and remembered in celebration and glory!

Now every year I hold a small Celebration of Life for my Grandmother and other people that had a profound impact on my life and celebrate their lives! On that day I try to remember good memories and stories of what they did and how they shaped my life and helped me be the best of me.

I do not know what kind of pain you are in right now and don’t know what kind of impact the person in your life had but I just want to celebrate their life with you.



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