Car Accident!

It was a rainy Friday! I wasn’t feeling so good but I thought maybe I just needed fresh air so I thought I can go to my Local Bike Shop to pick up some tools and parts.

I went in my minivan and drove to the Local Bike Shop. I got my parts and tools and on my way out the rain started to pick up. It was lunchtime and I have a one-hour lunch break. I was thirty minutes into that hour's lunchtime. I had plenty of time but for some reason, I rushed and made my way to the stop signal. It turned green and I took my turn. It was ok.

I made my way to the main road. It was also green but I totally forgot the green was actually yielding on coming traffic! Before I knew it I saw the other van coming right towards me! I took the turn quick and fast and before I knew it my car hydroplaned and hit the curb so hard the whole van ricocheted into the other lane where innocent bystanders in their cars were about to be hit! It happened so fast and I lost control as I was heading toward the cars! Something happened that split moment. It was like time froze and I turned with all my might so I don’t collide with the other cars. I was successful and didn’t hit any cars!!! What came next shocked me!

I notice the steering wheel was out of balance and every time I balance it the car will rear to the right! It was driving a seriously unbalanced car all the way back to the office parking lot. I made it and my heart was rising! I took a test drive and my steering was jacked up for sure!

I later called the car shop and somehow made it there without hitting anyone and the repair cost me $2000+++ I learned one thing and my parents preached this to me day in and day out! DON’T TURN TOO FAST! I was told that I turned way too fast! Now, I have learned my life lesson. Please listen to reason and don’t make the mistake I did! Thank goodness no one got hurt because of my stupid impatient mistake.

Lesson Learned!

I am going to drive safer now because it is not only for my safety but more importantly the safety of others on the road around me. I will now always pay attention more and be more careful during turns. Thanks for letting me share this with you today!

Driving Safe will Prevent this from happening! I learned this lesson without any harm thank goodness!



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