Best Bike Gears to Have!!!

Someone Eles’s Awesome Bike Work Shop!

Bike Repair Stand!

If you own a bike shop bike or just a department bike you will need this bike repair stand! Cause if you are like me and invested in being a DIY you must have this! Here is the stand I brought that didn’t break the bank!

Park Tool PCS 9.2 Home Mechanic Bike Repair Stand! I only paid at the time $143.96!!! Which was like a year ago. Sadly, the 9.2 was discontinued but here is the updated Park Tool PCS 9.3 for $219.95 without Tax! This isn’t that bad considering your getting a lifelong stand that will literally almost last you a lifetime! I am proud to stand by Park Tool and what they make is sound. The other day I used an L-Allen tool and bend the living crap out of it and it didn’t even start to bend at all. I can share pretty confident I don’t think I personally had any issues with Park Tools for bikes! But do your research! There are countless great brands out there so make sure to talk with your Local Bike Shop in finding what is the best! But just to let you know Park Tool is Industry standards! You walk into a Bike Shop I bet you will see the lovely blue Park Tool right there! Or Silver Park Tool bike stands as well!

Never Do This Please!!! Don’t go to Amazon and buy the cheapest Bike repair stand because One: it is not going to Last! Two: you're going to hurt yourself cause to think this. You fixing your bike but then whoops your stand gives out dropping the bike on you or near your exposed foot (because it is most likely made with cheap Parts!), yeah I know we shouldn’t do it but let us be honest here how many of you wear shoes around your workshop? Wear Shoes!!! Please I learned the hard way when a piece of small I say small metal fell on my toe and it hurt like none other so I always wear shoes now! So, don’t go cheap on things that you will be using for a long time!

Bike Pump!

If you asked me, hey Yohan hook me up with a Bike pump bro! I would say get the Topeak bike pump I used the Topeak JoeBlow Max HP and or the Topeak JoeBlow Sport III Bike Pump. I have both and they both are truly amazing! Just to let you know this will be HARD FOR TUBELESS so don’t Try it! Get a Bike pump for Tubeless Tire setup!

You can purchase the Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Here! (Make sure to check multiple Amazon Sellers to find the best deal and also check their return policies!)

You can purchase the Topeak JoeBlow Sport III Here! (Make sure to check multiple Amazon Sellers to find the best deal and also check their return policies!)

Bike Glove!

Go to your local REI if you have one near you and try on different ones! I personally got the North Face Winter gloves and Giro Super Gel Man’s gloves for the summer! But if you don’t have REI near you go to your Local Bike Shop and support them they have really good ones! Dicks Sporting Goods and other sports department stores like Sports Authority have a good selection as well!

Bike Helmet!

Again don’t go cheap on this one!!! You MUST get the MIPS (Multi-Impact-Protection-System) You must have a MIPS Bike Helmet to protect your HEAD! Pick one up in your local REI, Local Bike Shop, Dicks Sporting or Sports Authority, and even Costco! Yeah, I have seen a MIPS helmet at Costco and my mother uses one and it is pretty sound. But, if you want the good ones Giro is pretty affordable $$, and if you have the money you can get the Smith or POC which is $$$. But, spend the money cause it is designed to protect your head so if you don’t want to regret getting brain damage you must, by all means, get the MIPS better yet if your wallet allows you to get the Brain WaveCel by Trek Bontrager! Here is the Bike Helmet I currently use: Click Here!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave a comment below!



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