Apple's Silicon Future is…

Apple Silicon is the new revolutionary Apple Processor! Or is it…

Here is my simple non-technical article for you. I don’t want to bombard you with technical lingo and make you feel like you have to Google and YouTube everything.

Apple Silicon M1 is good but not so revolutionary as one might think! Yes, I agree M1 is super fast and amazing! But here is my humble opinion. The Apple M1 Silicon processor is bounds and leaps above all other technology when it comes to tablets. But, computers are another story.

MacBook 2020 M1 Touch Bar. This MacBook was given to test out in my job and I had it as my secondary test computer for about a year and a half. Here are my simple non-technical test results.

The MacBook M1 is fast and the battery life is insane. I am talking about hours and hours of almost all-day battery life! I do not have to plug in often and I have gone for days without even touching my USB-C charger. Now when it comes to Maya 2022 it begins to show how it is still in the realm of improvements to be made. Adobe and Autodesk apps are power-hungry beasts and the M1 sadly isn’t up for the task yet and a big emphasis on the word “YET”. Because Apple is not even close to being done. If the M1 is pretty good right now it is going to blow freaken minds in the foreseeable future with the M2 and M3.

The downfall of the M1 is it has problems connecting to the Enterprise WPA2 network. Sorry, have no way of easily saying that. Basically Enterprise level Wireless is going to be a struggle for M1 MacBooks. For, me wireless worked like a champ, and then other days it was awful. Yes, your right it could be the access point but our Networking Team has been testing this theory for years and my colleagues have the same issue with wireless being connected and then kicked off. Here is what helped me. Let me show you the steps below:

  1. Please go to your wireless icon on the top Apple Menu Bar.
  2. Once you see the drop-down menu for your wireless please select at the bottom “Network Preferences…”
  3. In your wireless settings, you should see your wireless name in “Network Name”
  4. Below your Network Name should be 3 check boxes uncheck ALL except the First! CHECK the Box “Automatically Connect to Network” UNCHECK the ones below the first checkboxes.
  5. Press “Apply” at the bottom right corner and you should be ok.

Also here are other ideas that can help, please go to this Apple support link Here!

Now the M1 Apple Processor is more suited for iPads and iPhones why?

Because the M1 has limited processing power so it can’t handle more than two Thunderbolt ports which is why you see the 2020 M1 MacBooks all have only 2 ports! That is why M1 on the computer is not a good deal!

M1 is more fitted for the iPad because the iPad doesn’t need more than one Thunderbolt port. One is more than enough and the power of the tablet will blow anything in the market out of this world. Imagine your iPhone having the M1 Silicon chip! I bet the iPhone 14 or 15 will definitely have the M1 chip installed and now you can do all your insane stuff on your phones and Tik Tok away.

Wait for the M2 and M3 these chips will be better suited for your MacBook in the near future!

What do you think about the M1 chip leave a comment below about what you think about your M1 experience? Thanks for your time!



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