3 Frugal Living Tips! How do I do it?

Hello Medium Readers! Today I am going to take you on a more personal journey in how I became a frugal living Millennial.

My parents always taught me growing up that I needed to save money! But, as any kid would that lesson didn’t hit a home run for me. But, you are here to learn about how to live frugally and not my whole wonderful childhood story about my awesome family! Maybe, next time.

Here's how I do it!

I want to let you know this is going to be an insane challenge! Here is what you should know and here is how I did it! This is going to be extreme, but I want to let you know it is possible and I am still in the process of going more frugal each day. So, let us take this amazing journey to Financial dependency Freedom together! But if you want to live a frugal life you must first understand what freedom is! Going to cover just the Top Three Freedoms that I think are important today!


First, Freedom from Smartphones!

Yup, I can totally see your shocked face. Your thinking this guy must live under a rock and eat grass all day. But, please hear me out. I don’t have a smartphone, but, I still live a pretty normal life. I am going to share some numbers with you. Please get your Math brain caps on. The average cell phone plan cost about $113 a month this information is from one of the most well-known financial websites Investopedia! That doesn’t sound much right, well add the fees and also the cost of the phone which most people get the good stuff meaning people are spending $370 - $1000 plus on the phone and about $113 a month for the service. That is a pretty big chunk if you add it to your daily living expense. Because that's $1356 per Year on phone bills.

So, what do I do? Glad you asked cause I only pay… wait for it… drum roll please cause this is going to blow your mind. The phone cost 10 bucks because it is a flip phone and I pay about $65 bucks a Year! Yup Not Month PER YEAR! I fill like I have an obligation to share this amazing information so let me help you out. But, Wait!!! Remember what I said, “this is going to be a challenge” that's right! But You can do it too! Here’s how!

You must first understand what a phone is. I know you're probably thinking what is this guy talking about? I mean a phone. Remember, I told you I am a Millenial. Let’s go back in time for a moment. Come on let's join Marty and Doc to take a ride in the DeLorean! Back in my day, a phone was just for communication. We made the necessary calls. Only phone calls we absolutely needed to get important conversations through. These calls lasted minutes to about 10 minutes max. We really didn’t need to talk for hours and hours on the phone. Because we usually just go meet with friends and family and had face to face conversations instead. Now back to the 21st Century! Ever since the Smartphone came out. Most people carry a darn supercomputer in the palm of their hands.

I am someone that really doesn’t need a smartphone and here is why! I work as an I.T guy. Yeah, you heard right an I.T Guy! But, most of my calls are with my family and my teammates. I rarely get any calls during the weekends. I am going to tell you the truth. I make about 1–3 actual phone calls per year! I can actually live without a cell phone but I still pay $65 a year through Tracfone just to have a phone with me for emergencies. Like I said, not everyone can live like this. You must first learn or try to learn how to talk with your friends through other means like a computer or tablet. If you work at home you can do this. I only have friends that are close to me. I know I don’t have many friends but at least they are real friends I can trust.

Here’s the plan for freedom of the Smartphone!

Make sure to look at your contacts list. If you have a lot of friends find a way to move these conversations to a tablet or computer. If most of your contacts list is in your local area, try to make time to see them face to face.

Try to make fewer calls if possible by making just the crucial calls. Calls that have a big impact on your life and work life. If you can have unplugged or turn off moments take it. I live in a world of digital silence and it is just too amazing to describe in words. That is how I have made it to No Smartphone life. You can do it too! I am here for you so if you need help with living free from smartphones just leave a comment below and I will try my very best to take time while having a full-time job and try to help you out. Responses will be delayed due to my work sorry about that.

Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash

Second, Freedom from Streaming/TV Services!

Did you know that the average cost of TV services is about $217 per month! Also, the streaming service price has risen around 50% per month! You're literally paying about $2,744 per Year with cable and streaming combined!!! That is a good chunk of your essential bills.

Here is how to save money!

First, Please oh please I beg you cut off your TV services! It is not needed! You can just have streaming services and still have all the shows and channels TV cable provides and more!!! That should bring your monthly cost to around $7 to $75 info from the Balance! That is a fraction of the crazy TV service monthly fee. Most of you probably can survive with just having a streaming service!

Want to save even more money!

You don’t need Streaming services either! Just pay a one-time fee for all the movies and TV shows you really want to watch. This gives you the time and process of rooting out things you don’t really need to waste time on and watch the contents that really and truly interest you! You can buy them from YouTube and for more ideas go to Lifewire’s article!


Third, Freedom from “Expensive” Internet Bills!

Yes, the last freedom is not from the Internet, oh no! We need the internet which is essential in this day and age! I have in quotes “Expensive” so let me dig deeper and show you a way to CUT internet bills to something more affordable!

Nerdwallet states the average cost of internet per month is $47 to $69!
Nerdwallet where are you getting these numbers cause I WANT THEM NOW!

I pay a whopping $83.95 and that is JUST FOR THE INTERNET! You might be laughing out loud right now cause I know you are all paying about $100 to $200 per month because of all the data plans and speeds you got to match!

I have a 100 MBps plan and I am able to actually get 120 MBps but still, that is insane to pay $83.95 per month! For all you gamers out there that is nothing!

Yeah, 100 Mags is perfect for One Single Gamer! But for a whole family of gamers which I am guessing average 4–5 people! Each person needs at least 25 mags of speed info from Digital Trend! That is the bare minimum, so that means you must have at least a bare minimum of 125 Mag speed plan! So, that is when the 500 mags to 1GB plans come to play and these plans cost anywhere from $100 to even a whopping $300 per month!!!

The solution to Cutting Internet Bills!

Easy, you can be like me and not play games and live free! I am joking! Yeah, it is the truth I don’t play games anymore. But, for you my friend I am just going to say cut down game time. Also, make a time schedule for each member of your family to take turns playing games. So, that means you can pay about 90 bucks a month for a 100 mag plan and someone can take turns playing games online! Hey, a small sacrifice to pay to live financially freer if you ask me!

I strongly recommend looking at your local area! I have a company locally that provides about the price tag Nerdwallet has proposed and the best news is the internet speed is much better! So, do your research and try to find local small internet companies that provide the same or even better service for a more affordable cost.


Thanks for your time in reading this long article! I hope this helped somewhat in your journey to becoming a little financially less burdened! I got so much stuff to cover but that will be in time for another article so keep looking out for new ways to live less burden financially! I love helping people reach less burden financially so if you have questions just let me know in the comments below! I have a full-time job so there will be delays. But I will try my very best to support you in your journey!




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